Tips to Make your Online Content More Attractive

  • Maxine Hunt
  • March 17, 2020
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Tips to make your online content more attractive Presenting your content in a good scrubbed, polished way is always essential. Spare some chunk of time to clean up your Social Media Marketing profiles, websites, and blogs. As you declutter dusty, cobwebbed content, you’ll provide a more satisfying experience for your audience.

Online Content

Here’s how you can freshen up your online content:

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Rework on your social media profiles:

What was your latest post on your FaceBook page? When did you rewrite your “about” content? Does your bio reflect your goals and strategies? Ask all of these to yourself and do justice to the copy. Beyond correcting typos or rewriting outdated information, strengthen your profile by more interesting and compelling data.

De-clutter your email list:

Any email marketing campaign must have an active, engaged subscriber list. If you have contacts who haven’t even opened a message in years, it’s time to remove them from the database. Also, check for bounce messages; sometimes it might be because of typo, but do verify the email address too.

Audit your links

Links that will lead the visitors to nowhere are of no use and it might harm your search engine optimization as well. Frequently look for your website and blogs’ broken links; repair and update them.

Work on a Blog calendar

Don’t make your blog fall into an irregular, inconsistent schedule. Develop an editorial calendar, clarifying when new posts can be written and published.

Online reputation management

If your customer reviews are not responded to your online listings are lesser than appreciating, oh! That’s not good!! Google for your company today and set up a google alert about specific topics you want to closely monitor.

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Google My Business page

Check up on your Google My Business account if it has correct hours and contact information, also the data leads to the correct information that the customer is seeking.

Most of us know we need to be doing everything possible to make our content more engaging. You need to build in extra time to optimize your content creation for more engagement. No matter who your audience is, these tips will create the content more visually appealing, attention-grabbing. Some audiences may respond better to infographics while some prefer to read the majority of information. Play around with different options, and test them against each other in a live environment.