Tech to Go: 6 Benefits of Outsourced IT Support

  • Maxine Hunt
  • July 19, 2019
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In-house IT helpdesks, while generally more familiar with the ins-and-outs of the company’s IT set-up and systems, usually require a hefty sum to start and maintain.

This would mean added costs due to hiring and training IT experts, which is a rather heavy load for small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs).

For people with small to mid-sized businesses, outsourced IT support is generally more cost-effective due to having staff trained to handle a wide variety of IT problems.

This helps businesses focus on their niche instead of trying to fiddle with things outside their field of expertise. That being said, if you’re considering switching to an outsourced IT support company, here are a number of benefits you can expect from making that decision:

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1. Better Cost Management

With start-ups and SMEs attempting to cut back costs, a more consistent budget allotted for an outsourced IT support team becomes more favorable compared to the volatility of expenses incurred from an in-house IT support team. An in-house IT support team incurs quite a lot of expenses, from training to equipment purchases, upgrades, and maintenance.

This makes it hard for companies to track and manage their finances, as expenditures would keep popping out of nowhere, from a server that suddenly conks out, to IT employees who quit. Surges in terms of expenses can paralyze a small company and bog down operations, especially if the in-house IT team fails to keep the company’s operations up and running.

An outsourced IT support team, on the other hand, apart from being able to solve IT-related problems quicker, can also give you a more consistent and controlled monthly expense that only increases as your company grows.

2. Focus on Your Unique Selling Proposition

One of the main reasons why a lot of start-up companies fail is that they don’t have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), which is a factor that separates one’s company from its competitors, whether it’s having the lowest price or being the first of its kind.

In a world where one’s survival is contingent upon one’s relevance, companies have to keep finding new ways to grow and innovate; otherwise, they become redundant and eventually perish. That being said, one should focus on developing the company’s USP and delegate unrelated but time-consuming tasks to companies that specialize in doing them.

By outsourcing an IT team, you no longer need to allocate company resources just to maintain an in-house team. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out why technology in your company doesn’t work the way it should, you can let other companies who’ve spent years of training in solving IT problems do it for you. That way, you can focus on what truly matters, doing what you do best, and doing it better than your competitors.

3. Better Security

Going back to point number two, if your company doesn’t specialize in IT, then chances are that an in-house IT team, especially at the beginning, will make a few security mistakes that could put your company’s sensitive information at risk.

Security breaches often come from unscrupulous hackers using a mix of social engineering and other black hat techniques to steal confidential data. Fortunately, IT companies, having studied and dealt with a lot of attacks from these hackers, are more familiar with their techniques, and therefore have faster and more efficient ways to deal with the security issues of your company.

Outsourced IT Support

4. A Complete IT Toolbox in Your Fingertips

Imagine if you had only learned to add numbers all your life and then all of a sudden, you’re asked to divide, multiply, or subtract, a problem that one has never encountered before, it can take an immense amount of time to solve.

This is why, wherever your company is located, enlisting an experienced IT support company should be a core part of your business strategy. A good IT company will have dealt with a wide range of IT-related tasks, and with their comparative wealth of experience in the field, they can locate issues faster and help users get up and running in much less time than you are likely to be able to.

5. Disaster Recovery 

Whether due to a fire, flood, or cyber-attack, a business’s data is its most precious resource. Most businesses are ill-equipped for recovery from such disasters, any of which can cause a company to have to halt its operations indefinitely.

While disaster can strike at any minute, all businesses will get back on their feet far more quickly with the help of outside professionals who are well-versed in the latest disaster recovery and backup technologies.

6. More Available Resources

When you own a startup or SME, you can’t afford to waste time handling IT-related issues while your competitors are busy developing their products, winning over customers, and coming up with innovative content marketing strategies.

By outsourcing an IT support team, you can free up valuable company resources so you can focus on marketing, product development, and customer experience.

It can seem rather daunting to make even the smallest changes, especially if one is still starting up or if one doesn’t feel the need to fix a working system, but growth requires change. If there’s one thing companies like Nokia learned through failure, it’s that you don’t pass up a chance to learn, a chance to change, and a chance to make it big.