Seven Tips on Best Home Page Design Practices

  • Maxine Hunt
  • June 24, 2020
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Making a first impression is an invaluable part of website building, and, as a result, your homepage is extremely crucial.  Recently we launched a brand new homepage design because we know how important it is to catch the audience’s attention immediately. The audience believes that what they see on the homepage is what they get throughout, so it must be spotless.


Upon visiting a site for the first time, a person will simply click away if he or she does not like the homepage. It’s true that people still judge based on appearances, so you need to have the best home page design! How exactly does one go from taking his or her homepage from humbug and boring to dazzling and brilliant? Of course, it needs to look nice, but it also has to work properly.

Elements of the Best Home Page Design

  • Making People Stay with Value
  • Clearly Answering Questions
  • Easy To  Use
  • Matches the Audience
  • The Design Home Page Offers
  • Revolving Content
  • Call-to-Action

Making People Stay with Value

On that first page, you need to tell people what a great deal you are offering to them. Let them know that no reason exists to go to check out your competitor’s website. They simply aren’t going to get more for their money than they will on your site.

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Clearly Answering Questions

No one wants to be confused upon entering a website, so start to let people know about the company, how the company works and how the website addresses the needs of the visitor immediately. Very well known companies might not need to tell the audience about themselves, but it’s generally safer to do. If people do not understand the site or are confused by it, they are going to go somewhere else.

Easily Usable

Another problem that tends to chase people away from webpages is a lack of usability. Maybe boxes are popping up all over the place, or signs are flashing with advertisements. You might think that these things look pretty, but they are actually really annoying to the user. The user should easily be able to navigate to the information that he or she needs. Additionally, it’s very important that the site also has mobile capabilities with the popularity of smartphones.

Matches the Audience

If you are selling sewing supplies, it’s silly to have a huge monster truck on the front of your page. In the same line of though, a website that is geared to pre-teenagers should not have advertisements on it for cleaning supplies. You always must remember who your audience is, and be sure that the homepage is something they would like to look at and something that is easy for them to use.

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The Design Home Page Offers

Of course, the way that the homepage looks is very important. Do not throw every single element into the business, or the page will look too busy. However, having some color in there, along with pictures that show what your business does or the goods it provides, are excellent ideas.

Revolving Content

Yes, you want people to look at your homepage and stay on your website. However, you also want them to come back after that initial visit., for example, is one that is always changing content and has a lot of visitors as a result. People want to see fresh information when they visit your website after having been gone for awhile.


Not only do you want people to browse through your website, but you also want to encourage them to purchase, or at least learn more about, whatever product, good or service you are offering. Urge them to buy the supplies, schedule a consultation, call for an interview or any other action that is pertinent to your ultimate goal.