Make These 5 Small Changes & Watch Your Website Grow

  • Maxine Hunt
  • February 26, 2021
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Most businesses today have a website, and the fact is, you have to have a website if you want to be successful. Many businesses forgo a physical location entirely, instead electing to operate totally online from the beginning.


Websites are so popular because of how easy they make work that would take humans hours. Here are five small online details that you can implement into your website to give your customers a better experience.

1. FAQ

FAQ stands for frequently asked questions, and having an FAQ section on your website is a great way to implement customer self service into your website. Compile a list of the questions that often come up during customer service correspondences and translate them into a written format to post on the site. Many customers dread having to talk to another person if they have a question or need help with a product, so they will be grateful for this alternative. However, this does not mean that you can eliminate your customer service team as an FAQ cannot address every possible question.

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2. Store

Online stores are now just as commonplace as brick and mortar stores because almost every business that sells products to a widespread area has one. Because of how easy shipping items to anywhere in the world has become, anyone can start a store no matter if he or she has a proper business or not. Even if you do not have the resources to embed your store directly into your website, you can create an online store through a separate service that will host your site. You can work with all types of businesses to create a store unique to you.

3. Design

If your website is hosted through a service designed to help build websites, it is likely remarkably easy to change the design layout of your site. Many of these services offer tools to help you change the look at any time, for free, using premade templates. If your website was built from scratch, that process is sure to be significantly more difficult. You may still find design templates that are easy to implement, but you have to make sure that they are free to use. You will also have to contact the person or company who built your site to update it properly.

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4. Contact

If the FAQ section that you have now implemented has not provided the answer needed, or the customer has another comment or complaint, you need to make your contact information as visible and prominent as possible. Consider having a clickable link that says “contact us” at the top, bottom, and/or sidebar of the website. Clicking that should lead the customer to a page displaying how to contact you in a variety of ways. Your customer service email and phone number should appear first, and you should follow it with links to social media pages and any other relevant information.

5. Update

The biggest mark of an unprofessional website is one that does not stay constantly updated. For example, if you have an event calendar on your site, you do not want that calendar to show events from a different month when someone opens that page. If a sale ended last week, do not continue to advertise it on your site. People do not like misinformation, and they also do not like being unsure about what is coming in the future. You should have people combing through your website every week to see if something needs to be updated or changed.

Running a website on a large scale is not easy. There are so many things that always need to be updated or tweaked that it seems like you are never done, and that is true. Your work managing a website will never be done as long as it is up and running. Hopefully, these tips can give you some help when it comes to creating the best one possible.