Look Out for These 7 Technology Revolution Trends in 2020

  • Maxine Hunt
  • June 6, 2020
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Look As the year draws to an end and we dive into the new decade, cannot wait to see what organizations can expect in the upcoming year. Last year, 2019 was considered as the year of truth, with many enterprises developing blockchain proof of concepts, Google confirming a quantum supremacy breakthrough and more data breaches with the latest breach containing 1.2 billion records.


We are in the midst of the fourth Industrial Revolution, and innovation is advancing at a rapid pace. Organizations, as well as the public, is not aware of a portion of the significant technology trend patterns being abandoned. Understanding the key patterns will allow individuals and organizations to be ready to handle the upcoming challenges.

A look at 7 technology trends for 2020, the upcoming year would be exciting as ever when it comes to technology.

1. Artificial Intelligence – Increase productivity

(AI) is one of the most trans formative tech developments of today. Most organizations have begun to investigate how they can utilize AI to improve the client experience and to streamline their business tasks. This will continue in 2020 and keeping in mind that individuals will progressively get used to using AIs, planning and sending our own AI-based frameworks will remain costly affair for most organizations.

Hence, a significant part of the AI applications will be operated by suppliers -an administration stage, which enable us to add in our own information and pay for the calculations or register assets as we use them. As of now, the platforms provided by Amazon, Google, and Microsoft generally boast of a fairly wide scope, with (regularly costly) custom-designing required to incorporate in particular activities that an association may require.

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2. 5G data Networks – Coming soon

5G technology shall finally be in the market soon. In 2019, we saw the first 5G systems getting operational. Motorola was the first to dispatch a 5G telephone, and a lot more organizations will follow in 2020, however Apple may hold up till 2021. 5G offers considerable advantages over the current 4G, however most buyers gushing media on their telephones won’t see a large number of these advantages, aside from quicker download speeds. Not just in light of the fact that it will presumably take another 2-3 years before we will have wide 5G inclusion in numerous nations, but since most current applications are undertaking applications.

3. Personalized treatment and predictive medication

Technology is presently changing human services at an exceptional rate. Our capacity to save information from wearable gadgets will enable us to progressively anticipate and treat medical problems in individuals even before they experience any side effects.

With regards to treatment, we will see considerably more customized methodologies. This includes figuring out the exact drug which enables specialists to all the more unequivocally recommend prescriptions and hand out medications, on account of an information driven comprehension of how viable they are probably going to be for a particular patient. In the fields of genomics and AI, a noteworthy comprehension of how various individuals’ bodies react differently to the same ailment and what are the suitable medicines to cure them.

4. Fixing online trust

It doesn’t appear that in 2020 we can bring back online trust. AI seem to have an expertise in creating and spreading fake news, creating chaos. In the previous years, we have seen numerous instances where AI has been used by renowned organizations to cause harm purposely by misusing and leaking personal information. These models incorporate deep fakes to generate false news and deceptions or privacy-invading facial recognition cameras. Twitter agreed to boycott political advertisements but Facebook refused to do so and won’t even discontinue false promotions, demonstrates that the solution for this trust issue won’t originate from the existing parties.

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5. Computer Vision

Computer vision includes frameworks that can distinguish things, places, items or individuals from visual pictures – those gathered by a camera or a sensor. It’s this innovation that allows your cell phone camera to detect the picture identifying a face etc and powers innovation, for example, Google Image Search.

In 2020, we’re going to see computer vision prepared devices and innovation consistently contributing to expanding number of employments. It’s essential as self-governing autos will “see” and explore their way around without any risk. Computer vision cameras will be used to look for defective items or improper gear and surveillance cameras will have the option to alarm us regarding anything strange, without constant monitoring. Computer vision is additionally empowering face acknowledgment, which we will hear a great deal about in 2020.

6. Extended Reality

Extended Reality (XR) is a term that covers a few new and developing advancements used to create vivid computerized encounters. Virtual reality (VR) provides a fully immersive digital experience where you enter a PC created world with headsets that cut you off from present reality. Augmented reality (AR) incorporates digital objects into present reality by means of cell phone screens or displays. Mixed reality (MR) is an expansion of AR, that implies clients can interact with advanced objects and induce these in reality.

7. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is an innovation pattern that was widely used this year, but on the off chance that you notice it in non-well informed organization you experience backlash. In the previous decade, there was a major uproar regarding who could build the best blockchain that would be utilized by various decentralized applications and undertakings. An assortment of networks, establishments and ventures are taking a shot at designing a particular blockchain to administer everything.