Importance of the Basics of Graphic Design: Mistakes

  • Maxine Hunt
  • June 8, 2020
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They have formulated new innovative and effective schemes. Since the digital era has entered our society, different mediums emerged and one of these is Graphic Design. This particular tool in digital marketing makes it easier to feed brand information to the target audience.

Graphic Design

Mastering the basics can help designers prevent making mistakes that will compromise their work. Take a look what mistakes are commonly done.

Common Graphic Design Mistakes to Avoid

In this part, we will show you the stereotypical logo designs made by graphic designers that you should avoid. Let’s begin!

Amateur designed logo

It has an advantage and disadvantage. One advantage of it is you can save money and get the logo quickly designed while its disadvantage is that your business logo will not look professional and unique.

Use of raster images

Also called as bitmap graphics, which are images that are composed of pixels of various colors which are arranged in a grid of x and y coordinates in a way that it generates an image. Usually, a raster image is larger than a vector image.

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Choosing wrong fonts for your website

When choosing fonts, it is better to use readable fonts not the fancy and hard to read fonts. Don’t incarcerate your audience if you want them to actually read your content. Likewise, in making a logo, it is a serious matter when choosing the right font for your logo. Make sure you match the style of the logo with the font you’re going to use. The only way to make a professional logo is to find the right equilibrium.

Copying others’ web design and logo

It is the most popular mistake of all. As mentioned a while ago, a logo should be unique and describes who and what you are. If your logo looks the identical as to other company logos, your company might suffer.

Worn-out designs are frequently easy to encounter. It’s like innovating an original and creative idea of professionals. It’s better to make a research about on how you can conceptualize your business logo or call up a meeting with your staff and discuss your unique ideas about how will your business logo will look like.

Next, let’s discuss the basics of graphic design that you should never forget.

Basic Graphic Fundamentals to Remember


Researching and looking for ideas is where you will know your taste in designing. Through this, you can compare different types of styles and techniques.

This process is one of the factors why motion graphics eats up a lot of time. Though, the joy in this particular process is that your room of knowledge will continuously build a lot of extensions.


There is an old saying that “Practice makes perfect”; with that being stated, it is indeed true that you can only achieve perfection when you exercise your skill frequently.

This process is a trial and error stage, applying what you’ve learned through the first stage will lead you to perfection or if not, to the outcome you want to achieve.

Research and Combine

In this kind of business or any business in that matter, they are always striving for more that’s why one can never settle for just “okay”.

Businesses always keep their options, ideas, and minds open for fresh innovative strategies that they can add and combine to their existing scheme.


If research and application are two of the most tedious stage of motion graphics; this particular stage of motion graphics is probably the easiest and fastest compared to the first two tips. It gives you the advantage to double check your work and lessen your mistakes. By doing this, you are already polishing your output. Remember that the beauty of a masterpiece doesn’t depend on the tool, it depends how the artist executes his skill.

Failure to remember may end up to a bad design. Remember the issue about a condom handed out at a safe sex campaign at a local college by a Reddit user? The wrapper had a pink donut designed and the words “Go further without consent.” Now the design was supposed to be read as “Do not (doughnut) go further without consent” but the people who missed the pun totally saw it in a different and offensive perspective. Even after they got the joke, people questioned it. Local companies and advertisers all have a fair share of bad ads and campaigns released in print or online.

With easy access to the internet, things can go viral quick and next thing you know the whole world is talking about an honest mistake in your design. Let’s talk about the top 3 examples of bad designs in the Philippines was and is still controversial to this day.

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The racist Adobo Republic Logo

Adobo Republic’s logo featuring an interpretation of a “Native” man with dark skin, curly hair, and thick lips holding a spoon and fork has got people talking about racism. Some even comment that it looks like a something a Cannibal restaurant would look like.

The implicit Bayantel Ad

This telecommunications company tried their best to make their company more interesting by displaying a controversial ad: a semi-naked woman with the words “Satisfaction Guarantee”. Many have noticed the implicit billboard but were taken down before any major protests could take place.

The Napoleon Quince’s Offensive Innuendo

The last of the worst design and advertisement list is Napoleon Quince’s billboard advertisement that screams controversy. The words displayed were “Nakatikim ka na ba ng kinse anyos” or “Have you tasted a 15-year-old” that is supposedly in line with their brand name “quince”.

These are only a few but are still one of the worst and controversial designs in the Philippine advertising company that has caused protests and countless lawsuits. These designs and ideas that reflect the company and brand should be carefully reviewed and well-thought of to avoid any offensive content by practicing the basics of graphic design.