How to Make a Projector Image Bigger and Steps

  • Maxine Hunt
  • March 3, 2020
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Image Projector screens can easily go beyond 120 inches these days and thanks to the support of 4K UHD resolution and with a wide array of colors the newest projectors offer, you can get true cinematic experience in your home.


Many modern home theaters are already equipped with projectors. However, the distance between the screen and the projector can negatively affect the projected image, so it may become necessary to adjust it. Simply put, if the projected image is too small, it may be lost to viewers further from the screen. So, how can you make a projector image bigger?

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Increasing the size of the projected image on the screen is relatively easy. You can change the position of the projector or use the digital zoom feature in the projector’s settings.

How to Make a Projector Image Bigger

Step 1

Turn on the projector. Press the power switch or use the device’s remote control. Wait few seconds until the projector is warmed up.

Step 2

Check out the amount of blank space between the screen and the projected image.

Step 3

Use the projector’s remote control and press the Zoom +/- buttons.

Step 4

See how the image on the screen is becoming larger and smaller.

Step 5

Adjust the image size using the zoom button on the remote control. Leave no blank space between the edges of the screen and the projected image.

Step 6

Try to manually rotate the ring on the front of the projector to fine-tune the zoom. However, this is possible on large projectors, many smaller models don’t have this ability.

Bonus Tip:

If your projector has a zoom lens, the lens can be adjusted to change the size of the screen image without a need of changing the distance of the projector. But what to do when you have a projector without a zoom lens?

You can make the projected image larger by repositioning the projector. Simply increase the distance between the screen and the projector. Pulling the projector away from the screen makes the image´s size bigger even without the zoom feature.

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