Growing Adoption Of Penetration Testing In Various Sectors

  • Maxine Hunt
  • July 27, 2021
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Penetration testing is the process of testing, measuring, and rising previously fixed security solutions on various devices such as smartphones and other information systems. In addition, the pen testing is frequently accomplished by a third party. The penetration testing is performed at the consumer demand that is oftentimes the device or information system owner. Pen tests are beneficial owing to it defines the threats and vulnerabilities in a particular device as well as system which also ensure the consumer’s reputation and trust. Penetration

Moreover, with the advancements of the IoT (Internet of Things) as well as the huge number of mobile users, there is huge necessity to adopt security measures o ensure the computer systems are defended from the number of cyber attacks. Such factors are boosting the growth of the pen test industry.

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In addition, the rising number of organizations adopting security measures owing to risen sophistication in threats is expected to be one of the key market drivers, and this trend is likely to remain for the penetration market across the globe. Moreover, the requirement to implement essential steps in advance to protect the entire security infrastructure as well as developments in technology in terms of ML (Machine Learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) have increased the potential adoption of penetration testing across various sectors. Moreover, the adoption of mobile and web applications for providing several healthcare services are also gaining popularity with the passing days.

The BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) trends also have grown the implementation of such healthcare applications among consumers. On the other hand, a huge range of healthcare data is produced which comprises patient’s personal data, social security numbers, insurance IDs, past data of financial transactions, medical history of patient and other confidential data. This kind of data is susceptible to cyber attacks and its safeguard is one of the highest priorities of any enterprises. These testing not only target systems they also targets users by the pre-text calling, phishing emails, and onsite social engineering.

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In addition to this, a huge number of large organizations can be recognized as the early adopters of penetration testing because they have a high workforce and related networking devices that are vulnerable to security-based risks. Furthermore, organizations have their offices over many regions that majorly force them to offer their solutions with the help of real-time data access to their workers. Moreover, as large organizations do not have budget issues, it allows them to implement the on-premises services. On the other hand, a substantial shift from cloud-based solutions to on-premises-based services is likely owing to the efficiency of benefits it offered. Owing to the huge number of features, including detection of excess risks, access risks, risk outliers and other susceptibilities, large organizations are likely to growingly implement penetration testing solution across the various sectors; this is increasing the growth of the global penetration testing market at a significant pace.