Comcast boosts its Gigabit Internet Service Footprint

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  • March 20, 2020
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Gigabit Not to be outdone by AT&T and Google Fiber, Comcast is expanding its gigabit Internet service across the Northeast. The company’s move follows a similar expansion in other areas of the country. The massive telecom and entertainment firm likely hopes to lessen the effects of cord cutting on its subscriber base.


Comcast is expanding Gigabit Internet service to businesses and homes. Image copyright Comcast.

News about the growth of Comcast’s gigabit service rollout appeared this week in DSLReports among other sources. Let’s look at the details to see if super high speed Internet is coming to your city.

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Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Vermont slated for Comcast Gigabit Service

According to reports, residential customers in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Vermont are on the docket for improved Internet service from Comcast. These gigabit download speeds are now available in a few cities in Vermont, including the capital, Montpelier. Expect the majority of the state to receive it by the end of 2018. Hopefully, this includes the state’s largest city, Burlington.

Michael Parker, Senior Vice President of Comcast’s Western New England Region, commented on their efforts. “With the launch of our 1 Gigabit service, we continue to deliver an unparalleled Internet experience for our customers in terms of speed, control and reliability,” said Parker. The service uses DOCSIS 3.1 technology requiring only a compatible modem to receive one gig speeds. Use a WiFi router to let your mobile devices and other equipment access the gigabit connection.

Prices for the service start at $105 per month without a contract. A $90 monthly price requires a one-year agreement. Connecticut is also seeing similar prices. The higher competition between ISPs in the Northeast keeps the prices low compared to other regions.

Comcast recently announced gigabit service expansion in the Southeast, including cities in Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee. The monthly price for the same service is $140, but the same $90 promotional offering is available. Competition between Internet providers is obviously smaller in these areas.

Comcast Gigabit Business Service also Part of the Expansion

Comcast also provides a gigabit Internet service for businesses. Naturally, it is also being expanded to the same regions as their consumer product. The price for this Comcast Business offering varies based on the number of locations served and other factors.

According to the company: “the speed and cost efficiencies afforded by Comcast Business’s Gig-speed network make it ideally suited for businesses across several industries such as retail, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, education and government.”

For home consumers, explore a bundle with other Comcast XFINITY digital TV and home phone services for the best price. In service areas where broadband competition is little, this offers the best chance for cost savings and a fast Internet speed. Understand that early termination fees likely apply. In short, make sure you read the fine print of your service contract on data caps and any other “gotchas.”

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