Audience Intelligence Is Social Listening

  • Maxine Hunt
  • June 30, 2020
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Audience intelligence is about collecting and understanding audience insights, identifying marketing strategies to target these audiences based on ideas. It is vital to understand better what does and doesn’t resonate with an audience based on their behavior, topics people care about and discuss.


You want to study your user’s behaviors, habits, and topics on social media and the social web to help segment audiences and make it easier to create targeted marketing and product campaigns.

Armed with this information helps guide you into knowing more keenly, about the behaviors, opinions, and lifestyles of your target audience. This knowledge can target your marketing campaigns, product development, advertising, and content creation. Audience intelligence tools offer audience insights at both industry and individual levels, thus allowing you to pinpoint lucrative potential within the market.

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Audience intelligence is important. Why is that? Life shifts are forever happening online, so it’s critical to know how people are moving in these digital spaces. Aggregating data and understanding audiences allows humans to understand one another online, both for academic or business purposes.

As you start using audience intelligence, it helps to have a general understanding of your target audience. Why? This will ensure you collect audience intelligence data with more precision and reduce the risk of being bogged down by an overabundance of data, some of which could be irrelevant.

Audience intelligence tools help cut through the noise and focus in on the audience you are trying to reach. They can help you segment and hone in on a specific audience, and this is when you can start to focus on specific audience demographics, behaviors, and preferences.

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So how does one obtain a better understanding of their audience? There are several social media platforms out on the market today. As you use the platforms noted below, it will help you gain a better understanding of when, where, what and how to graph your content in a more precise manner.

Take into account what keywords your audience uses the most; what media publications they are reading/sharing; what channels they prefer to use and why, and their interests and characteristics that make them unique from everyone else (e.g., they prefer using Stitcher versus SoundCloud).

Audience intelligence platforms:

  1. Affinio
  2. Audiense
  3. Buzzsumo 
  4. Crimson Hexagon
  5. Demographics Pro
  6. Onalytica
  7. People Pattern
  8. Socedo
  9. Spotright
  10. Spredfast Intelligence