10 Ted Talks that Anyone Working in Web App Should Watch

  • Maxine Hunt
  • February 28, 2020
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Speaking and talking about ideas, opinions, and things which need to be changed is what brings about a change in the world. Focusing on this idea came to market the TED application which provides you a platform to speak what you feel, to transform the world with your knowledge. Many of the world leaders have actively used this platform as a way to bring about a change. There are thousands of videos available on TED that provide you motivation and inspiration along with priceless information that you can use in your life.

Ted Talks

Even for tech lovers, it provides them with videos through which they can learn and be better at what they are doing. Today i present to you a list of 10 popular TED talks which you as a web application developer should definitely watch and learn from.


Jay Silver’s Creative Angle-Hack A Banana, Make a Keyboard

If you sometimes feel things aren’t going your way, the web application you have developed isn’t delivering as expected, then this video might help bring out the positive side of same. He basically through this TED talk tries to convey a message, great things aren’t necessarily invented rather they can be molded out of existing tech as well.

Google Glass – A talk by Sergey Brin Through A Different Perspective

With the launch of Google glass most people thought of it as another step towards making the life of humans digitized, however, according to Sergey Brin, it is a step towards making humans come closer to themselves. In this popular video Sergey Brin mentions that with the launch of Google glass, humans will once again be able to appreciate life which nowadays they spend mostly gazing on their smartphones. He basically brings to your attention that Google glass is not just a product for future, rather it is a product that could make you live the present.

Thomas Suarez : – A teen who will inspire you to code

Whether you feel like quitting your career as a web app developer, or need the necessary motivation to rectify a particular solution to the problem, this 12-year developer will sure boost your nerve. He at such young age can code in popular languages such as Java, HTML etc. and the best part can even guide you through the technicalities of them. Therefore the next time you feel like quitting, take some time and give Thomas Suarez’s videos a try.

Mitch Resnick’s teaching kids to learn

If you have the necessary skills to carry out coding, however, do lack creativity then this video may just trigger the creativity gene within. Resnick explains how you can creatively teach kids with no technical background the way the programming world works. With the help of simple block pieces his company ‘Scratch’ helps people learn and visualize any problem and later implement the solution through the means of coding.

George Dyson – Explaining the Birth Of Computers

Being a professional working in the era of computers have you ever thought actually how computers came to life? Well, George Dyson through this famous TED talk explains how actually this thing go. Showcasing personal notes of scientists who worked day and night on the project, he covers this story through an interesting angle. So if you wish to know how actually digitization got into motion, watch this video to find out.

Susan Cain’s The Power of Introvert Explains Being Comfortable With Who You Are

While today’s schooling system focusses on group activities which make students comfortable with expressing themselves, Susan Cain thinks otherwise. She believes that there is no problem in being an introvert, in fact, she explains how this is one positive quality. Through her examples of Apple computer founder, Steve Wozniak, she beautifully comforts the introvert side of any individual and says how one should stay the way they are. In fact, she insists on it suggesting sometimes it is the introvert nature that helps achieve success.

Jennifer Pahlka – Coding A Better Government

Jennifer Pahlka’s video truly justifies the meaning for which TED was launched. She through this video states how programming and web application development can be used for forming a better institution and government. She in the videos encourages coders and developers especially the ones of U.S. to develop community application which carries out the tasks for the greater good.

Kevin Kelly’s Explanation on Next 5000 days of Web

Kevin Kelly on the eve of the Internet completing almost 5000 days of its birth came with this TED talk and explained how far we have come. The co-founder of popular ‘Wire’ magazine explained how in the coming times will this system evolve and what more can we expect out of it. He even explains how in the times to come will this thing grow bigger and better than humans.

David Pogue: Top 10 Time Saving Tech Tricks

Being a web application developer how many lines of code do you write in a day? Or how many pieces of code can you debug? He through this video tries to emphasize the fact that, in order to master computers you need to master time management. He gives various tips and tricks to save time while coding, as a result, you tend to become a better developer and of course master the art you have indulged yourself in.


Rives Sarcastic Take on the Internet

A light-hearted TED talks on the evolution of the Internet, Rives explains what all could be done with the internet in the future. With jokes about using E-mail to talk to the dead as well as the Internet controlling us like moms, he quite intelligently portrays the role of the Internet today and what would it be in the future.

So, these were the top 10 TED talks which i believe every web application developer or let’s say every tech lover should definitely watch. Not only do they provide great knowledge but the speakers with their words impart great motivation and inspiration to you and hence help you do better in the present world.