10 Best UI/UX Domain Trends to Consider in 2020

  • Maxine Hunt
  • June 29, 2020
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Best all UI/UX domain practices and trends will rule this year, and how you can employ them for getting better app success rates. Various new opportunities and challenges have been hitting our doors.


Many new designing styles and trends are making our journey unforgettable, whilst keeping the concepts the same.

What rules and trends will be popular in the UI/UX domain in 2020?

Something we will be talking about in detail in this article. Here, we will uncover the best 10 UI/UX trends for 2020 that every mobile app designer must watch for. And, in fact, incorporate in their practices for reaping higher benefits.

Sounds interesting? Without ado, let’s begin with the first one.

1. Motion Graphics

With the advent of 5G technology, animation and other such motion graphics elements will become mainstream in 2020. ​

Users will cherish animated texts, graphics, and fonts over static designs and encourage mobile app designers to invest more of their efforts into introducing these elements into their design.

2. Less-contrasting gradients

This year, designers will shower less love on contrasting gradients. They will introduce less-contrasting gradients to their design strategy to give a seamless experience to their target user base. Meaning, the transition will be from blue to light blue, dark to light grey, and so on.

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3. Immersive full-screen performance

With more devices like iPhone X heading to the market, building an application that gives a full-screen experience will go viral.

Designers will focus more on arranging elements on their apps’ UI design such that they fill the screen appropriately and give an enriched experience to their core audience.

4. Voice user interface interaction

Since voice search is slowly and gradually becoming the new method of making search across the internet, the need for making your application accessible via Voice technology will become necessary this year.

The designers will use artificial intelligence to design user interfaces to make it possible for users to unlock, search, and perform other such actions using voice technology, in addition to determining which color and font style will go with their users’ choice.

5. Dark mode

Dark mode, one of the prominent Android Q features, will also enjoy the limelight in the UI/UX world.

Designers will pay more attention to designing dark mode app; making their app interface accessible both when dark mode is activated and when not. Meaning, they will pick colors, styles, and fonts that complement the dark mode too.

6. Personalised design for the occasion

Personalisation is not a new trend in the UI/UX design arena but is definitely going to get an overhaul this year.

More and more mobile app designers will look ahead to designing their applications’ interface as per the location, weather, mood, and other factors related to users. For example, McDonald’s menu changes as per the time of the day and the weather outside; something that makes it easy for users to know what they would like to eat in that particular time/weather.

7. ID authentication

With mobile applications being the foremost target of internet hackers and cyberattackers, app development companies will also heavily invest in ID authentication. They will introduce the idea of unlocking and authenticating processes across any application using face recognition technology and many other data encryption tools.

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8. 3D development

Not only games, but mobile applications will also come loaded with 3D display avatars and effects this year. Users will love interacting with these 3D elements and will be able to get a better understanding of the products and services offered by a particular application. This, as a whole, will let mobile app designers reap higher benefits by introducing 3D design elements into their app UI/UX design.

9. Device synchronisation

Nowadays, users’ interaction with apps is no more confined to smartphones and desktops but has extended to wearables, iPads, and other such devices too. Because of this, it will become necessary for mobile app UI/UX designers to effectively use hardware facilities into their app strategy and give a uniform experience across different platforms and devices.

10. Design for speed

Last but not least, the speed of page loading and processing will also become a must-required factor this year. And the reason behind this will be the advent of 5G technology that is going to provide nearly 10Gbps data rate.

So, these were some of the UI/UX trends that are going to change the world of app design by the end of 2020. Start focusing on them and putting them into practice from today itself. And eventually, make a better fortune this year.